Damian Alquichire at Museo Guttuso, Bagheria, Sicily, Italy

Damián Alquichire earned a BFA in Visual Arts at the National University of Colombia, Bogotá. He studied film and animation at the KHM in Cologne, Germany. In his personal work he uses painting, drawing, engraving and animation to talk about his interests and obsessions: the relationship of matter with time, mystery and other dimensions. Following these personal obsessions, he has produced, directed and animated three short films which have been exhibited at various festivals, museums and galleries around the world.

In 2015, Damián presented his short film “Carbograma” at the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art in England, for which he made around 1,200 big drawings (100x70cm) using charcoal. This work was exhibited in Germany, Chile, Romania, Greece and other cities. 

In 2016, his work “333” was presented at ERARTA, the largest contemporary art museum in Russia, located in Saint Petersburg, where Damian had the honor of traveling to present it. For this project, he made around 1,500 drawings using charcoal. Subsequently, this work was exhibited in New Zealand, Paris, Ukraine and Poland. 

In 2017, Damián presented his third short film “The Chimerical Museum of Shifting Shapes” at DOKUFEST, the biggest festival in the Balkans, located in Prizren, Kosovo, where his work received the Best International Short Film Award. For this project, he made around 3,000 paintings and 1,500 drawings. Subsequently, this work was exhibited in Latvia, Spain, Romania, Argentina, the Netherlands and at Interfilm in Berlin.

FUROR HERMETICO is the first major retrospective of DAMIAN ALQUICHIRE, this individual exhibition took place at the Museum of Modern Art of Bucaramanga, Colombia, from June 8 to 30, 2023. The exhibition included around 85 works: drawings, paintings, engravings and animations. Later, in July 2023, "Furor Hermético" was exhibited at Museo Guttuso, in Bagheria, Sicily, Italy . To know more about FUROR HERMETICO click HERE.


• Furor Hermético. Museo de Arte Moderno de Bucaramanga, Colombia. June. 2023
• Furor Hermético. Museo Guttuso, Bagheria, Sicily, Italy. Colombia. July. 2023.
• Los Ecos del Silencio. Casona UNAB, Bucaramanga, Colombia. March. 2024


• Tees Dance Film Fest. Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art. England. 24/05/2015. 
• POOL 15 - INTERNATIONALE TanzFilmPlattform . DOCK 11, Berlin, Germany. 10/09/2015 
• BARCÚ International Art Fair. Bogotá, Colombia. 30/09/2015 
• Chile International Videodance Festival FIVC. Centro Cultural de España, Santiago, Chile. 23/11/2015 
• Bucharest International Dance Film Festival. Cinemateca Union, Bucharest, Romania. 7/11/2015
• Wellington Underground Film Festival (WUFF). The New Zealand Film Archive, Wellington, New Zealand. 27/05/2016 
• Festival International du Film d’Animation de Paris. Théâtre de Ménilmontant,. Paris, France. 13/09/2016 
• Linoleum International Contemporary Animation and Media-Art Festival. Mala Opera. Kiev, Ukraine. 15/09/2016 
• ZOOM-ZBLIŻENIA Festiwal Filmowy. Galeria BWA​. Jelenia Góra, Poland. 20/02/2017
• 7th International Dance Film Festival - ATHENS VIDEO DANCE PROJECT. Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece. 28/04/2017 
• Timeshare Vacation. Kulturbunker Mülheim. Colonia, Alemania. 01/06/2017
• DokuFest. Kino Plato. Prizren, Kosovo. 08/10/2017 
• Riga International Film Festival. Kino Bize. Riga, Latvia. 14/09/2017 
• Girona International Film Festival. Fundació Valvi. Girona, Spain. 28/09/2017 
•Anim’est International Animation Film Festival. Cinema Eforie. Bucharest, Romania.06/10/2017 
• ANIMA Latina, III Festival de Cine de Animación Latinoamericano. Centro Cultural General San Martín. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 27/06/2018 
• Interfilm Berlin. Volksbühne. Berlin, Germany. 25/11/2019
• Manifesto Film Festival. Amsterdam, Netherlands. 8/09/2019
• Salón Metropolitano de Arte Joven. Museo de Arte Moderno de Bucaramanga, Colombia. 5/06/2019

For any inquires you can contact Damian directly at: damian.alquichire@gmail.com